Importing Vehicles to Kenya

The JapImports import process

Our import process is simple and efficient. We now have many years of experience in Japan and in Kenya. We take time to understand your requirements and offer professional advice. We handle everything from procuring of vehicle in Japan, vehicle inspection, Shipping to Mombasa, Clearance, Registration at the port and delivery to your door step. We have taken sufficient measures to protect our clients from online fraudsters & offer advice on exchange rates.


Settle on vehicle specifications and budget

We consult you on make, model & specifications of the car to be imported & give professional advice.

Based on the specs, we set an import budget that covers the cost of the vehicle, shipping to Mombasa, port charges and duty payable.


Purchase of the vehicle from Japan / UK

Through our partners in the UK & Japan and thanks to our experience in Japanese car market & Japanese language capability, we are able to source vehicle that are normally not available on other export websites.

We also have access to vehicle service history. Through these networks, we purchase the best vehicles on your behalf.


Shipping your vehicle to Mombasa

After purchasing the vehicle, we move it to the port where the mandatory vehicle inspection is done. We also take photos of the vehicle at this point.

If you request any customizations to the vehicle, such as change of wheels, fixing of aftermarket parts etc. they will be done at this point.

The car will be shipped in about 10 to 14 days from the date of purchase. Shipping to Mombasa will take between 15 days and one month.


Vehicle clearance and registration

As soon as the vehicle arrives at the port of Mombasa, we initiate the clearance process i.e payment of Import Declaration Fees, Import duty and port charges.

We have a 15 day demurrage-free facility at the port but most vehicles leave the port in 4 to 5 working days.

Vehicles leave the port with registration number plates.


Vehicle delivery

You can either have the vehicle driven by road to your location or have the vehicle transported on a vehicle carrier to you.

The carrier normally takes a day and a half to get to Nairobi as they do not travel at night.

Kenya Vehicle Import Regulations

ALL motor vehicles being imported to Kenya must meet the below requirements.

Under 8 years old

The imported vehicle should not be more that eight years old from the year of manufacture. Also, the difference between the month of first registration and date of manufacture should not exceed one year

Right Hand Drive

All used vehicles imported to Kenya must be Right Hand Drive vehicles. Exceptions are special purpose vehicles such as Ambulances, Fire Trucks and large construction vehicles imported for projects and that will eventually be donated to the Kenyan Government.

Road Worthy

All used vehicles to be imported to Kenya must undergo and pass pre-export Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI).