We import the Toyota Hilux Surf from Japan or UK on behalf of clients.

The Toyota hilux surf is a mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Toyota from 1984. The original Toyota Hilux Surf was simply a Toyota pickup truck with a fiberglass shell over the bed, but the model has since undergone significant development over the years transforming it into a capable mid-size SUV with excellent off-road capabilities. The Toyota Hilux surf is also marketed as the Toyota 4Runner in some countries.

From 2005 to 2009, Toyota Hilux Surf available in 2700cc and 4000 cc VVT-I engine. We assist in importation of 4WD Toyota Hilux surf from Japan to Kenya (Nairobi / Mombasa). On Fuel consumption, the Surf does 8.3 to about 8.9 Km per liters. It has seating capacity of 5 passengers.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the below Available Stock, alternatively let us know the specs you are looking at. We shall give you a quote up to the port of Mombasa and a breakdown of import duty and port charges payable in Kenya.

Duty Free Imports

We also import the Toyota Hilux Surf duty free for diplomats and expatriates working in Kenya. Check this page to find out if you qualify for duty free imports to Kenya.

Toyota Hilux Surf Grades

July 2005 to July 2009

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